I created this Motion Graphic for my graduation thesis. The subject of my thesis was Twitch.tv/creative as a marketing tool for students/recent graduates and freelance artists. The title of my thesis was: The potential of Twitch's creative side.


I researched how a creative can use Twitch.tv/creative as a marketing tool and from the results I created a guide for aspiring creative streamers. They can use this guide to get started with streaming and building a following.


This Motion Graphic is a shortened version of the complete guide which is a blog on this website. You can find the blog bij clicking here.

For this project I first created a step-by-step guide of only a few sentences after which I created a storyboard depicting those steps. With this storyboard I created a voice-over script. I recorded this script for editting purposes in a later stage.

After creating the storyboard I went on and created the different assets in Illustrator. These assets I then animated in Adobe After Effects and put the assets in line with the voice over. After animating the assets of the first segment I went on and created the other segments.


After all the segments were done I put them into Adobe Premiere Pro where I put them together to form the entire video. Using this video I then re-recorded the voice-over with additional changes and put it under the video.


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