•     News Cafe Rebound + Sneak Peek

    During my internship with StudioPlakband I was asked to design a logo for an after-party fort he Gas Terra Flames (Thé basketball club from Groningen) organized by Het News Café (one of their sponsors) in their newly branded ‘The Club’.


    Rebound: Logo

    First off, there had to be thought of a name for this after-party. Many basketball terms where tried but eventually we chose for the term ‘rebound’. The square around the text represents the board from which the basket is hung. This is also where the term ‘rebound’ originates from. It is the term used when the basketball bounces against this board and is bounced back into the field. Because the name of the team is Gas Terra Flames I decided to design the basketball, which also represents the ‘o’ in ‘Rebound’, as if it were on fire.


Rebound: Poster

Because the party was being held in the newly branded The Club underneath Het News Café, we had to design the poster in the same style accompanied by the new ‘Rebound’ logo. The Club’s interior has somewhat of a eastern-jazz-club style. StudioPlakband has the urge to play around with this style and present something out of the ordinary (but cool non-the-less). I designed this poster together with my Art-director at the time.


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