•     Illustrations

    Personal project: To enhance my skills with the various Adobe programs and design I work on personal project. This project is an example of this. I wanted to improve my workflow with Adobe Illustrator and because of that I developed this style. These illustrations were made with a photo reference. When the illustrations were done, I edited them in Adobe Photoshop.

  •      Wallposters

    Personal project: Wall posters with subjects originating from my own interests. In the first poster an image of the famous French DJ duo Daft Punk is depicted and in the second the helmet from a game character named Samus Aran, from the Nintendo classic Metroid, is depicted.


    I started this project because I wanted to design something for my new home and I wanted it to be something that I loved, as a kid and as an adult. I am currently expanding this project with multiple other interests that fit this style. All of which include a helmet in some way.



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