•     Eva Young

    During my internship with StudioPlakband in Groningen I was tasked with designing a logo for DJ Eva Young. After some research I noticed that, at the time, Eva barely showed her face on pictures and promotional material. Because of this she seemed somewhat ‘mysterious’ and I tried to reflect this in the logo. By cutting out part of her name I tried to reflect this sense of mystery.

Logo's designed for a Dutch DJ called Eva Young. These were first draft designs and we were waiting for a response to these propositions. Sadly we never got an answer and the assignment was ended.

While doing some research into the person that is Eva Young, I noticed that, on every picture, she tends to hide her face. I tried to incorporate this into the logo design by "hiding" something of the logo.

Since she is a DJ, I wanted to use a strong but recognizable font. In every proposition I used a different one but all with the a strong font and a "hidden" element. Eventually I went with the logo shown above. It has a strong font and the hidden element I was looking for. Next to these criteria it is also a clean an simple logo as 'less-is-more'.


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