I'm Gerjon

Thats my face up there, behind the big logo thingamajig! I am, quite litterally,  the person behind Designerd.

I'm a 90's kid who's in love with graphic design, and his girlfriend ofcourse!


In 2006 I started my journey into graphic design, when I got accepted into a MultiMedia Design school where I studied, you might have guessed it, graphic design!


Since then I have been working on lots of design related stuff. My primary focus went out to creating logo's and corporate identities. Since a few years I have expanded my interest (and knowledge) to Motion Graphics.

This website is both my personal outlet as it is my professional portfolio. Designerd was created to share my passion for design with you. Maybe you are a potential client or even an employer! You are all welcome here to take a look around and learn about my work, life and general brainfarts (which can be found in my blog).

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